Conference Organisers – Pink Marketing

Dawn Rush, Account & Events Manager – or 07860 926 404
Sue Simmonds, Director – or 07980 009 940
Kerry Wiles, Director – or 07595 024 678

Wounds Research Network (WReN) – Scientific Committee

Natalie Blencowe, University of Bristol
Sarah Brown, University of Leeds
Julie Bruce, University of Warwick
Tina Chambers, Independent Tissue Viability Consultant
Ian Chetter, Hull/York Medical School
Jo Dumville, University of Manchester
Matt Gardiner, Imperial College & University of Oxford
James Glasbey, University of Birmingham
Francine Heatley, Imperial College
Steven Jeffery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Rhiannon Macefield, University of Bristol
Jane Nixon, University of Leeds
Thomas Pinkney, University of Birmingham
Raymond Samuriwo, University of Cardiff
Lisette Schoonhoven, University of Southampton
Amber Young, University of Bristol