People with experience of vascular wounds are setting the research agenda – online workshop 18th May 2021

Vascular James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Process

Researchers are constantly trying to improve what is known about the best ways to treat people with vascular conditions. One of the problems with traditional approaches to medical research is that it often focuses on problems that doctors think are the most important. Quite often, these things are different from what patients, their carer’s and their families think are important. To address this, the Vascular JLA workshops bring patients and health care professionals together, to find out and agree what are the most important areas for future research.

What is the workshop for?

The aim of the workshop is for people with personal experience of vascular wounds and healthcare professionals to jointly agree what are the ‘top ten’ most important wounds research questions that we should focus on. The questions to be reviewed and discussed are based on questions that patients and health care professionals have previously submitted to this project.

Who can take part?

No previous experience is required to take part. We would like a good discussion! So we need people who are prepared to share their views and experiences, and who will listen to and respect the views and experiences of others in the group.

Spaces are limited but if you are interested and would like to be involved, please contact Judith Long PSP coordinator: for further information.