People with experience of vascular services are setting the research agenda – survey now open!

The Vascular Research Priority Setting Partnership wants to hear from people who have experience of any vascular condition. We also want to hear from carers and family members too. Get involved by completing the survey and help inform future research so that it focuses on what matters most to those accessing vascular services. This is your chance to tell us what research questions are the most important to you!

Researchers are constantly trying to improve what we know about the best ways to treat people with vascular conditions. One of the problems with traditional approaches to medical research is that it often focuses on problems that doctors think are the most important. Quite often, these things are different from what patients, their carer’s and their families think are important. To address this, together with vascular units across the country, this project is trying to work out what are the most important areas for future research into vascular conditions.

The Wounds Research Network are supporting this important project to help ensure as many different perspectives as possible are represented in the survey responses. 

If you or someone you care for is affected by a vascular condition, please take part in the survey. It takes about 10 minutes. For more information or to request a paper version please click here