Invitation to take part in a Research Study

The University of Southampton are undertaking a project which involves an on-line international consensus study to establish a minimum data set and a reporting guideline for medical device-related pressure ulcers.

Treating pressure ulcers is costly and they are associated with many quality of care indicators. In recent years, it has become apparent that a significant proportion of hospital acquired pressure ulcers are associated with medical device use. However, in many practice settings medical-device related pressure ulcers (MDRPUs) are not routinely reported and there is no explicit information on devices that cause patient harm. In the majority of cases reported data are not standardised, which negatively impacts on the possibility of national and international comparisons, and improvements in device design and user policy. To provide a high quality, safe patient care there is a need to be able to collect rigorous and consistent data, with associated evidence-based guideline.

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