HEALS Cohort Study

The Wounds Research Network is delighted to support the HEALS Cohort study.

Skin cancer on the lower leg below the knee is common. The usual treatment is to surgically remove the tumour (cut the cancer out). On other areas of the body when a piece of skin is cut out the edges of the wound are pulled together and stitched to close the wound. On the lower leg there is often not enough loose skin to be able to pull the wound together, for this reason wounds on lower legs are often left open to heal in what is called ‘secondary intention healing’.

This is a multicentre prospective observational cohort study in 55 patients with skin cancer on the lower limb with planned removal of the skin cancer and secondary intention healing.

We are delighted to announce that 6 centres are open for recruitment, with the Royal Liverpool Hospital and Broadgreen Hospital recruiting their first patients and Harrogate has already achieved their target number!

For more information on the trial, please click here