Lower Limb – Ongoing Studies

A randomised controlled trial of decellularised dermis allograft for chronic venous leg ulcerationClick here for more information on the study and GET INVOLVED! (suitable for Nurse PIs) CURRENTLY PAUSED MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW SOON
PUREA randomised controlled trial to evaluate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of exercise in the Prevention of leg Ulcer REcurrence - PURE trialClick here to complete a 5 min survey. Your answers will help to inform the design of the PURE study.
VenUS 6
A randomised controlled trial comparing evidence based compression (choice of four-layer bandage or two-layer compression hosiery) with two-layer bandage or adjustable hook-and-loop fastened compression systems ("compression wraps") in patients with venous leg ulcersClick here for more information on the study
VEIN Platform StudyVenous leg ulcErs: management and eradication, the VEIN Platform StudyClick here for more information on the award
HEALS2Secondary intention wound healing following excision of keratinocyte cancers on the lower legsClick here for more information on the study